May. 20th, 2013 09:32 am
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I've unlocked the posts, but since they were posted earlier I believe they won't show up on peoples' reading pages.

I made three vids for [community profile] tightpresent, the Sarah Connor Chronicles vid exchange. Plus a fourth vid, "John the Messiah", which I already posted since I couldn't figure out a recipient for its weirdness. Considering that previously I'd only posted one vid total, that's pretty good.

Reveal posts are here:

The Luddite Spy to Polski Fiat's "The Luddite Spy"

Her Cold Metal Hands to Giacomo Puccini's "Che Gelida Manina"

Skynet: Life in the Balance to Philip Glass's "The Grid" from Koyaanisqatsi
seekingferret: Word balloon says "So I said to the guy: you never read the book yet you go online and talk about it as if--" (Default)
[community profile] tightpresent, the Sarah Connor Chronicles vid exchange I foolishly signed up for revealed yesterday, and it was fun to wade through the collection. Despite only 10 participants plus two pinchhitters, there were 16 vids made and as far as I can tell they're all AMAZING.

I didn't get into TSCC when it was on the air, because the pilot was a complete swing and miss for me, but when I was finally made to watch it, I got hooked pretty deeply. It's a shockingly well put together show, given that it was a part of the Terminator franchise. It's so much deeper than anything else Terminator related. And it is full of rich imagery and great closeup reaction shots of characters who say so much with their faces even when their faces are ostensibly blank and they're hiding secrets from each other. So it is so much fun to make vids of TSCC.

I received The Monkey's Paw, a Cameron vid to Laurie Anderson's song of the same name. It is wonderful.

It's full of great shots of River Glau's muscular, robotic, graceful movement, her brilliant body performance as Cameron. And it throws that up against the various animal metaphors that TSCC uses, the turtle that somehow represents human kindness, the pigeon that represents innocence, the snake that represents cunning and deception, wondering how Terminators learn about life by observing the life around them and ultimately in the brilliant conclusion to the vid, wondering how Terminators learn about death by observing the death around them.

But despite all the learning, all the knowledge and transfer of knowledge that this vid communicates so well, it is ultimately best summed up as talking about the 'mystery of life'. It is fully content, even cheerful, with the fact that it will never comprehend the consciousness gap separating humans from AIs, if there is in fact such a gap. It rejects the idea that there is any physical difference worth noting. The way Terminators interact with their bodies is not the same as the way humans do. The vid shows Cameron stitching herself together with a stapler, Cromartie remaking his skin. Yet this interaction with their own physicality is mirrored with humans doing the human equivalent of these repairs- recall that Cromartie goes to a plastic surgeon to have his face remade. So what the vid leaves open as the possible distinction is the soul, the unknowable mental component that endows us with something beyond the physical. The godliness that Ellison and John Henry struggle with in the final episodes of Season 2.

The other vids are all great, too. I made several, and [personal profile] sanguinity guessed them all immediately. I am super-transparent. If you take a look at the vids, you ought to be able to suss a couple of them out immediately before even watching them.
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The talk about the Veronica Mars kickstarter got me to exploring the possibility of actually watching the show, and I discovered the first two seasons are streaming on the WB website. I'm halfway through Season 1.

I love Veronica. I've seen Kristen Bell in Heroes and House of Lies, so I already knew how versatile and interesting an actress she is, but Veronica really gives her so much room to play around. The flashback scenes let her show how different a person Veronica was before the show. And her disguises and costumes let her try out different new versions of herself.

I love Veronica and Keith together. I love Wallace and Weevil and I haven't seen enough of Mac to know I'll love her, but right now I like her a lot.

I just... I wish sometimes it weren't so heavy-handed. I'm not sure that's the word I'm looking for. The self-conscious storytelling and the attention to detail of plotting are great things that I always look for in a show, but they're foregrounded and blatant instead of naturalistic and integrated. It's very "ooh look at me, we're doing noir!" This show ought to be better than that. It should trust its audience more than it does, to recognize the clever things it is doing, since it is definitely doing clever things.

In other news, I keep making all the TSCC vids. It is kind of crazy how many I have in process at the moment, given that I just posted my first vid two months ago. I'm hitting the sweet spot with this show where I'm building up a solid ability to recall the episodes where shots exist. Vidding, when I have an idea, goes really fast. I built one vidlet in a single evening. I can't wait for all the vids from this fest to go live, and then I think and I realize that it's like a month and a half away... I'm really disoriented by being this ahead on an exchange. What happened to last minute panicking?
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New laptop is named Ajax-greater, half of the fulfillment of a joke I've dreamed of since coming up with the Iliad naming schema. When I get my tablet, whichever kind I chose, I will name it Ajax-lesser. I may, quite possibly, be a terrible human being.

It's a System 76 Pangolin, which came with Ubuntu preinstalled and set up to work nicely. I immediately switched over to KDE, but that wasn't a major hardship. Wireless worked right out of the box, which was probably 20% of my motivation for buying an Ubuntu preinstall. I've never had that happen when buying a major brand and installing Ubuntu myself. Never. There's always a day or so of fiddly tweaking with modprobe commands. And part of me enjoyed that, because I got to pretend to be a 1337 hacker, which I am totally not, but mostly I hated it and am glad I didn't have to do it.

I synched my dropbox to it and borrowed a windows desktop to download my music collection from the Amazon cloud, since they don't support mass downloading to Linux. Yay for the cloud. I've lost some stuff, but nothing so far that I really miss.

And I have now therefore finally started assembling my vid for the [community profile] tightpresent The Sarah Connor Chronicles vid challenge that I signed up for despite all sorts of reservations. I laid the song on the timeline, clipped the annoying outro, and started grabbing video clips. I need a lot of figuring out, still. I think there's really only about five or six images that I know where exactly they need to be in relationship to music and lyrics, and I have vague ideas about the rest. This is not quite the same as vidding in Fringe, where I know 60% of the footage cold.


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