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Title: Circles (Ma'agalim)
Vidder: seekingferret
Fandom: The West Wing
Song: "Ma'agalim (Circles)" by Idan Raichel
Content Notes: Club Vivid Premiere 2016. The posted vid is ripped from the con DVD because I seem to have already lost the original file. Will try to find that.
Length: 3:18
Responsible for the lack of consistent title block from vid to vid: seekingferret
Summary Remix of LauraShapiro's West Wing fanvid "Circles", focusing on Toby Ziegler
Acknowledgements Thanks to [personal profile] ghost_lingering for betaing, the tech glitches are not her fault. Thanks for [personal profile] laurashapiro for inspiration.


במקום שהיום נגמר
בזמן שהלב מתחיל
לילה חוזר ומתגבר
ונסגרים מעגלים

יש תנועה מדומה
ורכבות חוצות הרים
בחזרה לנקודה
בה נסגרים מעגלים

מעגלים, מעגלים
איך שאנחנו נשארים
בסיבובים של החיים
נאחזים באנשים

מעגלים, מעגלים
איך שאנחנו נשארים
מתעוררים ליום חדש
חוזרים ושוב מנסים

אולי הלילה נישאר
אם שוב תבואי לבקר
העדינות שלנו יחד
יש בה משהו מסנוור

להיזרק אל תוך הלילה
להשתכר מאור אחר
להתנפץ אל החיים
להאמין, לא לוותר

At the place where the day ends
At the time the heart begins
Night returns and takes over
And circles close

There is an imaginary movement
And trains cross mountains
Back to the point
Where circles close

Circles, circles
The way we stay
In the circles of life
Clinging to people

Circles, circles
The way we stay
Waking to a new day
Coming back and trying again

Maybe tonight we will stay
If you will again come and visit
Our gentleness together
Has something that dazzles

To be thrown into the night
To get drunk from another light
To crash into life
To believe, not to give up

As often happens when Idan Raichel releases a new album, I listened to "At the Edge of the Beginning" an awful lot when it first came out in January. The album's standout is "Ma'agalim (Circles)", a really great dance tune with thoughtful lyrics. I wanted to vid it before I knew what to vid it to.

The song is also a designed pun: As a song called "Circles", it is intended to be danced as an Israeli circle dance. There's something awfully attractive to me about pun songs. As I listened to the song on repeat, I thought about what I could vid it to, and the punnishness of the title called to me to respond with my own pun. In viddish circles, "Circles" is the name of a well-known West Wing vid premiered about ten years ago at Vividcon by [personal profile] laurashapiro. It tells the story of the West Wing crew bobbing and weaving through the White House to Tommy Schlamme's lyrical camera movement,, the famous 'walk-and-talks' sending the whole West Wing spinning in literal circles as Jed and Leo and Josh and CJ and Toby struggle with the various scandals of the Bartlett administration. It's one of my favorite vids, because it captures characters I love so much, so well. And it's a quintessential vid, one that takes the visual elements of a show and reuses them in a way that completely reinterprets them. So I started to get stuck on the idea of somehow mashing up "Circles" the West Wing vid and "Circles" the Israeli dance song. Especially as a Club Vivid vid it seemed to work- dancing along to this song seems essential to what it says as a vid.

Because "Ma'agalim" is Hebrew and Idan Raichel as a poet and musician often draws inspiration from his Judaism, Toby Ziegler was the natural focal point for this vid, as the locus of Jewish identity on the West Wing. Also because I have ridiculous amounts of Toby Feelz. All the feelz. I don't think this vid says anything really specific about Toby, it just testifies to the way he keeps cycling again and again through the vicissitudes of life, always rolling with the punches, the way he suffers and loses and just carries it inside him and works as hard as he can to serve others, because he believes in America's promise. And how in spite of his surliness he builds family and love all around him, love he's uncertain if he deserves but which ultimately carries him when he needs to be carried. This was for me an intricate vid, with some faster cuts than I typically use, and a quite long list of episode sources, but it also sort of straightforwardly followed from its premise. I knew what images needed to be where with very little rethinking required. I feel like I know Toby very well.

Sadly my laptop broke shortly after submitting this vid, and recovering files from it is a little hit or miss. So I ripped the vid from the con DVD set in order to get it posted quickly. I will try to dig up the cleaner better prettier version of this vid and post that when I can figure out how.

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Date: 2016-08-17 01:50 am (UTC)
kass: Leo McGarry, in black and white. (leo)
From: [personal profile] kass
The moment with the smoke rings absolutely slayed me -- ma'agalim indeed. :-)

This is wonderful.

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Date: 2016-09-27 02:51 am (UTC)
milly: (Default)
From: [personal profile] milly
Thank you for including such awesome notes! It's always interesting to me to see what road led the vidder to put the vid together, their inspiration and what the vid means to them! I quite enjoyed this!


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