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I looked at this vid again last night after months away from it and was like "You know, I think this thing is pretty awesome. I know I still see problems with it, and I could probably tinker at it for more years, but it's good enough." So vid amnesty on a vid I started a year and a half ago. (Also, a trial for using dailymotion, since vimeo now seems to have song checking copyright crap that I don't want to deal with, and I'm going to need streaming hosting for festivids) Thanks to [personal profile] kass and [personal profile] thirdblindmouse for betaing- mistakes that remain were probably pointed out by them and ignored.

Vid Title Joy to the City
fandom Fringe
song: "Joy to You Baby" by Josh Ritter
vidder: seekingferret
Warnings: None that I can think of, tell me if I missed something
summary Etta's full season 5 arc.

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Fringe Season 5 DVDs have arrived. Which means I actually have to buckle down and try to make the Etta fanvid I've been plotting ever since I saw season 5. Scary. I have song, I have some imagery in my head, but I've mostly only watched Season 5 episodes one time, so probably the first step is to rewatch Season 5 two or three times. You don't see me complaining. :D

I have a few half-written posts with my thoughts on Season 5, but basically speaking I enjoyed but was not bowled over by the ending, because it constrained some thematic developments that I thought were better left ambiguous and because it was a little bit too assured about its happy ending. But as far as the plotting and characterization went, I was gripped for the whole fifth season from beginning to end. I loved that they used the previous four seasons as building blocks to tell this completely different story in such a fascinating future.

I submitted a bunch of vids for [community profile] tightpresent. Vids are revealed on Sunday, then creators will be revealed a week after that. I can't wait for that to happen. Honestly, I have no idea what my recipients are going to make of the things I created. They are such pure concentrated versions of my artistic id that people who know me will know that I made at least two of them within the first ten seconds of the vid. I'm going to have to seek out other vidding challenges, though, because as with fanfic, I love working to challenges. Constraint heightens my artistic impulse.

Today is the forty third day of the Omer
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It is not true to say that I have never created a fanvid before. I drafted a CJ Cregg vid awhile ago, and then let it languish because of vague dissatisfaction with its unclear message and frustration about technical problems with my editing software. I made a short vid of Erik Lehnsherr to Remedy's "Never Again" , but kept it in my drawer because it's probably offensive and I only made it because I had complicated and very personal feelings I needed to work out.

This is the first fanvid, though, that I think is good enough and says the things I want it to say, that I am proud to share it with the world.

title: A New Day In New York Town
fandom: Fringe
music: "Everything'll Be Alright" by Joshua Radin
length: 2:41
summary: A love song for New York -- the New York that is, the New York that was, the New York that never was

Spoilers through season 3, hugs from season 4 and 5. Content warning probably the same as canon. There is violence and gore and gruesome imagery in this video.

Thanks to [personal profile] sanguinity and [personal profile] kass for helpful comments and suggestions and discussion.

Password: fringe

Wow, I'm actually using a cut! )
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Last night I marathoned six episodes of Only Connect, a British quiz show/ puzzle show named after Forster. They give people sets of four things with a connection and people have to guess the connection. It's wonderfully brain-stretchy, though my problem with British quiz shows is that two thirds of the questions are hard but fair and one third of the questions are hard because I'm an American who doesn't have British pop culture knowledge. When the connection turns out to be "Last names of news presenters on BBC Radio," I just throw my hands up in frustration. My other problem is that I have no interest in the vowelless lightning round at the end, though this wasn't all that much of a problem since it made watching episodes go faster.

In other watching news, Fringe Season 5 continues to be better than my wildest dreams. When I watched 4x19 I said "I want to watch a whole show of this." And then they gave it to me! S5 is a totally different thing from what came before, I'm in basic agreement with the people who've said they regard it as a fanfic AU of Fringe, but it is a really great fanfic AU and the actors are totally on board.

My only problem is how much the show completely gave up on every plotline it developed in S4. I watched the Nina/Olivia scenes in this week's episode with total Nina's Back Glee, but kept wondering why they didn't do anything with the fact that Olivia and Nina had some heavy emotional dealings in S4 and shouldn't be quite the same with each other as they used to be. Did they work through that stuff in the years between getting married to Peter and getting ambered? Presumably, but how? Nina's "I never thought I'd see you again." was like early S4 Nina, not late S4 Nina.

I know S4 was a mistake, but... it happened. You didn't walk it all the way back, you know, you only walked it awkwardly half back and then acted like you'd walked it all the way back. The main reason I fell in love with Fringe is because it is a show where emotional consequences exist and choices matter, and Fringe S5 is acting like choices matter, but only choices made in S5, not choices made in S4.


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