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Last Sukkot I had all these etrogim after the holiday I wasn't sure what to do with. Searching online came across some suggestions to make etrog infused vodka, so I gave it a try. It is incredibly simple: You dump the peels into a mason jar full of vodka, let it sit for a few weeks, add some sugar, and you're done. It came out surprisingly well and other people agreed- to a person, they all expressed surprise that they were enjoying it.

Since it was so simple to do for such good results, I wanted to try doing more vodka infusing. About a month ago I threw some Granny Smith apples and a stick of cinnamon into a mason jar of vodka. Taste tests after two weeks were not promising- the cinnamon overwhelmed everything. It was like drinking Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I decided to see if removing the cinnamon and letting it sit for another few weeks would save things. It helped! After two more weeks, it was still too cinnamonny, but it was also appley and it was much closer to balance. Straining it through filter cloth also helped to take out some of the cinnamon and bring it more to my taste, though it's not perfectly to my taste.

I brought it to the Shabbos picnic a Jewish networking group in my town threw Shabbos before last and it went over quite well- about 2/3 of the bottle was consumed. Girls seemed to like it better than guys, in general, for whatever reason. Someone told me they liked the feeling of alcohol but not the taste, and that my concoction did a good job of masking the alcohol.

In doing some reading while troubleshooting the apple/cinnamon balance, I came across a suggestion that in retrospect is obvious: The first time you try a flavor, don't do your infusion with an entire bottle of vodka, do it in a smaller mason jar with a smaller quantity of vodka. That way if you screw up, you've wasted less, and you also get to try more different flavors at once. This is especially true when you're just trying a flavor for the first time- when I make more of the apple cinnamon I will probably do another full bottle again, since it went so quickly, but in general going forward it makes sense to experiment in smaller bottles. So at the moment I have an attempt at a smaller batch hot pepper vodka and an asian pear vodka in my cabinet. And we will see how that goes.

One of those little elements of setting up my new apartment has been building up a bit of a liquor cabinet. I don't drink all that much, and when I do it's rarely mixed drinks, so I don't need to go crazy there, but I have a bottle of bourbon, a bottle of vodka, a small bottle of tequila I haven't touched but figure ought to be there for tequila emergencies, a few bottles of wine (I pretty much only drink wine on Shabbat, but I cook with wine more often since I usually have an open bottle half full after Shabbat), and the remainder of a six pack of amber ale. Plus my infusion experiments.
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A multifandom ficlet/art exchange focusing on female or Jewish characters,
and also some evil viziers.
Sign ups end Feb 5th.
Rules, FAQs, and sign ups here!

It doesn't matter if you're Jewish or not. It's a minimal time commitment- only 900 words of fiction. And there are evil viziers! And you get presents! And you get to undermine the Christian default! There's really very little room for downside here.

Matthew even suggested last year that you should write your stories while drunk. This strikes me as a great way to make the fest even more fun.

To the author who is assigned to write for me, I really have little to say. Last year all I said was that Purim is a season of topsy-turviness and I wanted to be surprised. To that, all I'll add is that while I requested 16th/17th Century Historical Real People Fic because that's how AO3 categorizes it, what I was actually hoping for was Pirate Rabbi RPF. But I'll be happy with anything else too. Also, thank you for giving me presents!


Jan. 3rd, 2010 07:24 pm
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Ok, so, Yuletide reveal!

My main story, and the one I'm most proud of, was Fearful Symmetry, a Back to the Future alternate timeline where Marty doesn't go back to the Wild West and instead there is lots of exciting technobabble and ultimately I come as close to slashing Marty/Doc as I was comfortable with.

I got lots of compliments on my technobabble. Apparently I came up with more plausible explanations than the movies, which wasn't exactly my intention. I didn't write the story to fanwank the flux capacitor. My recipient was more interested in the characters than in the mechanics of time travel and the only reason I loaded the story down with so much technical conversation about time machines and physics is because Doc and Marty are scientists and that should be the way they talk, damnit. Well, and also because I really wanted to write the drunken physics scene. (Whee! For the second time, I can pull out my drunkenscience tag)

As I wrote in responding to my recipient, I think it is in the end an essentially religious story, deeply informed by my struggles to make sense of the tension between faith and science. Marty and Doc both share with me a faith that the universe has a fundamental order- that entropy is time's arrow, and yet, profoundly and beautifully and strangely, we humans have the capacity to reverse the direction of entropy on a small scale.

I wrote two fairly quick 1000 word stories as treats, too.

The Last Temptation of Eve is a gender-swapped, pov-swapped first person reinterpretation of Josh Ritter's post-apocalyptic love song "The Last Temptation of Adam". The idea occurred to me and I had to write it, and it just flowed out of my fingers. I think the whole story took an hour and a half to write.

If On a Winter's Night a Traveler Fanfic by Mystery Writer is 10 drabbles of exactly 100 words, a quick bit of fluffy metafic that was amusing as hell to write and produced some stories that I kind of want to follow through on. I pranced through 5 very different fandoms, including Fiddler on the Roof! Man, I should write longer Fiddler fic.

And I want to direct everyone's attention again to major_general's East of Eden epilogue And This Story Shall the Good Man Teach His Son
, which remains fantastic on the tenth read.


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