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Dear Fic Corner Author,

Thank you for writing for me! I think I will just talk about the fandoms a bit.

1. Tom Clancy's Net Force Explorers - Various Authors
Characters: Mark Gridley, Jay Gridley

Weirdly, I think I read the grownup Net Force books before I read the YA ones. I know they're all kind of terrible, adult and YA, but I love veeyar so much. The imagination invested into the veeyar spaces is so much richer than you usually see in mediocre SF.

I'm fascinated by the evolution of Jay Gridley from king of the nerds to king of the nerd dads, and I think Mark is a really fun character. But though I would love a story just about the two of them directly interacting, I think I'd like even more a story about Mark and his friends where Jay's presence casts an indirect shadow.

2. Two Minute Mysteries - Donald J. Sobol
Characters: Dr. Haledjian

Oh, man, these are the worst. I binged through a bunch of them last year, embarrassed at how stupid the answers to the puzzles were and how dependent they were on incorrect assumptions of human behavior. I think you have two roads to go here, mystery writer. Either

a) Somehow rewrite one of Sobol's terrible nonsense mysteries so it makes emotional and logical sense or

b) Up the ante and write a mashup of all of the terrible tropes Sobol uses. Tell a story about what life is like in a world where everyone always brushes their teeth with the same hand they use to tie their shoes.

3. Cyber.kdz - Bruce Balan
Characters: Tereza (Cyber.kdz) Sanjeev (Cyber.kdz)

I love the Cyber.kdz' optimism and commitment to making the Internet a friendly place. The actual internet we live on today is a place that is probably closer to Net Force's vision of it, but I have been blessed from time to time to be a part of communities like the Kids, and I treasure those communities while they last. I particularly love the Tz/Sanj friendship, which is built so much on their appreciation from the way their differences complement each other.

I'd like to see what grown up versions of the Kids look like, and I'd like to see what the Kids look like on our modern internet. How would Tereza cope with Facebook? Would Sanj be involved with bitcoin, or with Anonymous? Becky as a Wikimedian? Paul at PAX? Loren on Minecraft?

4. The Grounding of Group Six - Julian F. Thompson
Characters: Any

My usual request? I would like Trollfic that has nothing to do with the book, but is nice and fluffy and nostalgic. So that people who don't know the fandom will read the story, be charmed, and decide to read the book. But seriously, I'd love anything for this fandom.


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