Mar. 6th, 2017

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I had a really nice weekend.

Thursday night I baked hamentaschen for Shabbos dinner- a friend was coming out from New York to visit her sister who lives two blocks away from me, so I was invited over for dinner. Hamentaschen all came out tasty, and half of them came out looking like hamentaschen, too! Friday night dinner was a lovely time with good friends. Then I slept all of Shabbos day. Saturday night I watched [redacted] for my [redacted] vid. I hadn't watched it in years, but it holds up.

Sunday I met up with a friend in the City and we got knishes at Yonah Schimmel's and then wandered the city for a few hours telling stories about eldritch sacrifices in Times Square. Then I went uptown to another friend's game night.

We played Codewords, which I've played before once or twice and think is okay, but I'm not as fond of it as a lot of other people are. The idea is that there's a grid of words and you need to clue certain of the words words to a teammate with single word clues before the other team can do the same with their words, a la Password, but you're trying to clue as many of the words with one clue as possible without inadvertently cluing other words on the board, by coming up with a word that clues an exclusive connection between multiple of your words. My suspicion is that it's a game that a team could get good at together, and that it'd be a lot of fun playing with two teams who are well practiced as teams, but it's not anywhere near as much fun as a random pick-up party game because clues are just necessarily too vague to be formed by interesting connections.

We then played Anomia, which was a fun and silly shout a word that meets a category game that I liked, but it didn't blow me away.

We then played Dick, which is Apples to Apples using quotations from Moby Dick as the red cards. This was totally amazing and I'm so glad I acquired it. It has all the sublime filthiness of a good Cards Against Humanity set mixed with a surreality that comes of Melville's amazing gift for language. I was the only player who'd read Melville's novel, but that in no way impacted on players' enjoyment of the game- I think if anything, it was more fun to discover the delightful weirdness of random Moby Dick quotes for the first time. I do wish that they hadn't made use of some of Melville's more explicitly racist lines- they have a place in the novel, but they don't really have a place in a game.


seekingferret: Photo of me with my 2012 Purim beard, with stripes shaven into it. (Default)

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