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Last night I went to a Star Wars themed pub trivia event in honor of May the 4th. I went with a team of people I've been fannish about Star Wars with for fifteen years- we've done Star Wars rpgs together, we've gone to cons together, we've grown up talking EU books together. I didn't expect we'd win, as I'm well aware that there are many people more obsessive about Star Wars than I am, but I thought we'd do decently. I'm usually good at trivia in general and I'm usually good at knowing things about Star Wars.

We were holding at 5th through most of the evening, but slipped to 9th at the end (out of about 15). I'd have been pleased with fifth, but 9th is kind of sticking in my craw.

It turned out the night tilted a little more toward The Force Awakens and Rogue One than we were comfortable with. I've seen TFA maybe three times, and R1 once, plus a bunch of rewatching parts of TFA with the sound off while vidding "Science Fiction Double Feature". But it's more than just "Eh, they're new movies, we haven't had time to watch them as much." I haven't read the novelizations, I've only read one of the tie-in novels, I haven't read the technical manuals. Whereas with the original movies AND the prequels, I've done those things. Obsessively.

Yet we can hardly say I've been unfannish about the new films, given that I just vidded TFA, a process that took quite a few hours of investment. I think it's interesting how differently I've been interacting fannishly with TFA and R1. And sorta frustrating. I guess I want to have the same level of obsessive trivial knowledge about the new movies, but I don't want to put in the work. :P
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