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Dear Jukebox Author,

Apparently you've asked the mod for some more prompting! That's fine. I would have been fine seeing whatever you came up with without it, but if you want some ideas, here's some thoughts on the things I like about the songs I requested.

Starman - David Bowie (Song)

I love it so much for its devastating false messianism. Ziggy has so much promise, so much charisma and belief and hope, and then he comes up against the reality that the world isn't ready for him and it destroys him. And the connection between music and faith- his messianic end times message is "Let the children boogie." The world changing power of rock and roll music. :D

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah - Parsonsfield (Song)

One of 30 Rock's better one-off jokes, the idea of Tracy Jordan singing a novelty song about a werewolf bar mitzvah is so surreally inspired. The chorus has a wonderful bit of wordplay that connects the idea of a werewolf to the idea of bar mtizvah as being centered on the locus of the idea of change and transformation, which is a shockingly deep insight for a throwaway joke on a sitcom. Parsonsfield's bluegrass cover adds another confusing layer of cultural-mismatch on top.

Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon (Song)

I pretty much only requested this because I wanted to request two songs about werewolves. The great idea behind this song, though, is that werewolves are so typically elemental to a gothic literature, with a heightened, constricted sense of place. Werewolves of London degothics the werewolf, transplants them to a mundane world and wrestles with their mundane desires.

Extraordinary Machine - Fiona Apple (Song)

This song is a marvel of wordplay and phrasing, and it's one of the songs that feels like it could use a good classic Jukebox literal interpretation of the lyrical metaphors. Treating it as a song where the narrator actually is a robot seems like a fun idea. A loveable failbot of a robot.

Monster Ballads - Josh Ritter (Song)

Also mostly requested to pair with my two werewolf requests (the actual monster ballads), because I am silly like that, but seriously, this song is great. It handles American history with such a gentle familiarity. It OWNS American history, in all its grim glory, with the kind of confidence that can only come from having dwelt on its darkest recesses and come to terms with them.

Feel free to take anything of this that you wish, and ignore the rest!

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