Jan. 19th, 2017

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Exhausting couple of weeks. A week ago Saturday night was [personal profile] freeradical42's bachelor party, which I hosted. We braved the snow- everyone was late as a result- but it was a really good, chill time. It was the sort of hangout we used to do when we were in our early twenties and have been too busy and dispersed to do too often lately- dinner and then a laid back trip to a bar with lots of beer choices. My commitment from day one of planning was "The only strippers at this party will be wire strippers." I gave [personal profile] freeradical42 a pair of wire strippers, and the other groomsmen gave him a pair of gardening hoes and a bottle of coke. Because my friends are all as terrible as I am. So now I know I can plan a bachelor party, woo!

I was also in the city Tuesday and Thursday- Tuesday for Puzzled Pint with [personal profile] ghost_lingering, Thursday for wedding rehearsal and dinner with [personal profile] freeradical42's family. Wednesday I spent in bed with a cold.

Then Sunday was the wedding. It was wonderful. [personal profile] freeradical42 and I met at CTY more than fifteen years ago, when I was sixteen. I'll be 32 in April, so yeah, we've known each other just about half our lives. We've done a lot of crazy shit together, we've grown up so much together, and he's been there so many times when I've needed him, that I'm incredibly happy that he's found this happiness. And his wife, who doesn't have an LJ I can tag that I recall, I've known nearly as long, and she's an amazing person who complements him so well.

The ceremony was in a beautiful hundred year old synagoguge on the Upper West Side. I served as one of the eidim, the witnesses to kiddushin. Because of this, I was asked to hold the ring- I did not lose it!!! The Rabbi spoke well, the musicality of the chazan singing the Sheva Brachot with choir backup was lovely, and then it was over and there were hugs. Much hugs.

And then the reception, with so much dancing my legs were barely holding me up the next day, and the surprise arrival of [livejournal.com profile] allandaros, who had a health issue come up at the last minute and almost missed the whole affair. [livejournal.com profile] theslammer brought a bunch of CTY frisbees and we danced with them and then we drank an alcoholic version of the Passionfruit. Also a whole lot more hugs and some great conversation with amazing people, and good food and good alcohol and happiness. Happiness, man. It's a good thing.

Then Monday I had D&D and Tuesday I had a second date, that also went really well. I am very hopeful about this. I am also struggling to figure out how to balance my post-wedding exhaustion and introversion with my desire to push that forward. A large part of me wants to spend the next week all by myself curled up in a ball not having any human contact. Instead, tonight I'm going to dinner with my parents. Or really, I'm going to tech support my parents' printer, with dinner thrown in.


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