Jan. 5th, 2017

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The past week has been an odd combination of frantically busy and unbusy.

I had no New Year's plans whatsoever. I went to Shabbos dinner at my aunt and uncle's and went to Shacharis davening, but otherwise had no in person human contact all the long weekend. I finished my Festivid on Sunday, worked on the other vid a bunch on Monday, did some reading, and slept a bunch. I've been kinda sick lately- nothing in particular, just a variety of mild cold symptoms that have refused to either get worse or get better, but I've been trying to sleep better to help my body out. It hasn't really been working- one of my symptoms has been waking up in the middle of the night, wheefun. I also made a big batch of meatballs on Monday- still eating them today. My one screwup was that I got so relaxed and separated from the rest of the world that I forgot I had actually scheduled to be at a D&D game Monday evening. I feel bad about that, but it was nice to spend that time disconnected from the world.

Tuesday, as mentioned, I went to Nabucco at the Met.

Wednesday I had a first date with someone my mother's best friend set me up with. It actually went really well, I definitely want to see her again. Our senses of humor meshed pretty quickly and we were cracking jokes about my grandfather's fictitious mafia connections by the time we reached the restaurant. She's smart and engaging, but seems laid back. We forgot to check when the restaurant she'd suggested closed, and got there as the kitchen was closing, but we were able to adjust and come up with a new date plan instantly and without any conflict or disruption, which to me is a really good sign that this is someone I can work with. She's a sports fan and we share all the same teams, though she's more into the Rangers than I am. ("I'm missing the Rangers game for this date," she said, "You should feel honored.") We spent a good ten minutes swapping stories about Yankee games we've been to. All in all, a good time.

At the same time, I have been chatting on facebook with someone SawYouAtSinai suggested. She also seems nice, and she's fannish- we discovered we're both members of a facebook group for Orthodox fandom people called Frum Fandom. So I can be open about that part of my life with her, and not worry about how she'll respond when I mention that on occasion I write slash, which is a good thing. On the other hand, because she's fannish my weird fannish issues raise up at unexpected moments. Her favorite MCU character is Loki and I actually had to remind myself that that's not actually a reason not to date someone.


seekingferret: Word balloon says "So I said to the guy: you never read the book yet you go online and talk about it as if--" (Default)

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