Jan. 3rd, 2017

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My Vids for 2016

Ex Libris (Storylords)
Joker (Battlestar Galactica)
Circles (Ma'Agalim) (West Wing)
Blonde Redhead (Fringe)
Getting Ready to Get Down (Moses und Aron)

I'm pretty fond of them all. Part of me wants to say "Joker", even though it is a total shitvid, because I executes its single idea perfectly, and as a person more inclined to the glorious failure, I admire its precision. But I think "Getting Ready to Get Down" is the best combination of effort and result and art. I think it's the vid I made this year that does the most things and I'm really proud of it. And it's a fandom really dear to my heart that I'm glad I got to celebrate.

Least Favorite
"Blonde Redhead"... I wish that vid were so much more than it is, I wish I could have really finished it rather than just dumped it out to the world part-finished, but really I just hit the end of the road with that timeline.

Most Successful
Dunno, I don't think any of my vids this year were particularly successful in terms of getting attention. I guess by default "Circles" had the biggest audience since it played for the whole Vividcon crowd. That was a really awesome experience, in general, for the first time seeing people at a con respond to my vid as it aired.

Most Underappreciated by the Universe
"Ex Libris". For some reason, not a lot of people are into 1980s Wisconsin educational TV shows. For that matter, I am not really one of them, but I'm proud of the vid anyway for making clever use of the source material and actually telling an effective story.

Most Fun to Make
"Joker". So many giggles as I put that together.

Hardest Vid to Make
"Getting Ready to Get Down". I needed to figure out a whole new vidding vocabulary somewhere halfway between a live action vid and a comics vid, in order to deal with how static the source material is. I think a lot of the choices I made work.

The Things I Learned This Year
How to deal with lots and lots of technical nonsense, as I endured a lot of encoding issues. Vidding is the worst hobby. Other than that, I mostly have been trying to teach myself how to cut faster, with some occasional moderate success.

Planning for Next Year

Well, I have made a festivid, and maybe I will try to make a treat. Probably not- the next few weeks shaping up to be crazy.

Mostly, though, I have been working on a massively multifandom vid that has been filling me with joy for the past couple months. And I will be continuing to work on it for a few months more, but it's started coming together and that makes me very happy.

I should also mention the Neoconservative Tony Stark vid and the Big Bang Theory/Heather Dale vid I mentioned in last year's "Planning for Next Year" section as things that sometime in the future I would still like to make.

Apparently I made five vids in 2015, and five in 2016, so it'd be nice to make five in 2017.


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