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[community profile] fic_corner revealed this morning. I wrote two stories. Both are in boy inventor fandoms. Actually, they span three boy inventor fandoms, because um... I might have a thing about boy inventor stories. Before assignments arrived, I was commenting to [personal profile] sanguinity that it looked like most of my offers that had requests were in boy inventor fandoms, and how in all likelihood I'd end up writing about boy inventors, and sure enough, I matched with [ profile] hhertzof, who requested two boy inventor fandoms. Naturally a crossover was demanded.

This is a futurefic crossover between Danny Dunn and Tom Swift that attempts to mash together the two fandoms, one dating mostly from the '60s and the other from the '90s, by hypothesizing that Danny's friend Irene became a physics professor and the thesis adviser to Tom Swift's sister Sandra Swift. It mashes pretty hard. (It also has a small Babysitter's Club cameo because I needed a mathematician character and Stacey McGill poppped to mind. Sandra and Stacey would totes be bffs.)

But mostly this was a story whose plot was driven by Tom Swifties. I cannot recall the last time I had as much fun writing fic as the time I was writing fic and putting in Tom Swifties was actually justified by the fandom. it was the greatest thing ever. (I may be a terrible human being)

(Also, I am stupid and wrote this at late o'clock, and forgot to thank [personal profile] morbane for excellent betaing and helping me figure out how to write my ending.)

"It looks like a bird!" Tom said swiftly (8340 words) by seekingferret
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Danny Dunn Series - Jay Williams & Raymond Abrashkin, Tom Swift series IV - Victor Appleton
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sandra Swift / Rick Cantwell, Sandra Swift & Irene Miller
Characters: Irene Miller, Tom Swift Jr., Rick Cantwell, Sandra Swift, Original Characters, Secret Cameo, Danny Dunn
Additional Tags: Crossover

One thing I knew for sure: My doctoral thesis was not going to look anything like what I'd thought it would.

My other fic was for [ profile] lirin and it is my second Henry Reed fic. This one is Midge POV, futurefic, and is mostly inspired by asking myself "What would Midge in college be like?" and answering "Same as the books, but with much more sex comedy."

Midge Glass and the Secret Admirer (1613 words) by seekingferret
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Henry Reed - Keith Robertson
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Henry Reed, Margaret "Midge" Glass
Additional Tags: Post-Canon

Another fun adventure for Henry and Midge

I am also amused that apparently [ profile] lirin and I ended up writing pinch hits for each other. My gift this year was a delightful Two Minute Mysteries fic that pokes merciless fun at poor ridiculous Dr. Haledjian, the world's most reductivist detective.

The Last Edits (1220 words) by lirin
Chapters: 4/4
Fandom: Two Minute Mysteries - Donald J. Sobol
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Dr. Haledjian/Octavia
Characters: Dr. Haledjian

From Donald Sobol’s hidden files: the stories Dr. Haledjian didn’t want you to read! Find out why Dr. Haledjian insisted that “The Case of the Worldly Nun” never see the light of day. Learn how “The Case of the Bitter Drink” really ended. And discover what happened when Octavia heard “One Crime Story Too Many”.

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Dear Fic Corner Author,

Thank you for writing for me! I think I will just talk about the fandoms a bit.

1. Tom Clancy's Net Force Explorers - Various Authors
Characters: Mark Gridley, Jay Gridley

Weirdly, I think I read the grownup Net Force books before I read the YA ones. I know they're all kind of terrible, adult and YA, but I love veeyar so much. The imagination invested into the veeyar spaces is so much richer than you usually see in mediocre SF.

I'm fascinated by the evolution of Jay Gridley from king of the nerds to king of the nerd dads, and I think Mark is a really fun character. But though I would love a story just about the two of them directly interacting, I think I'd like even more a story about Mark and his friends where Jay's presence casts an indirect shadow.

2. Two Minute Mysteries - Donald J. Sobol
Characters: Dr. Haledjian

Oh, man, these are the worst. I binged through a bunch of them last year, embarrassed at how stupid the answers to the puzzles were and how dependent they were on incorrect assumptions of human behavior. I think you have two roads to go here, mystery writer. Either

a) Somehow rewrite one of Sobol's terrible nonsense mysteries so it makes emotional and logical sense or

b) Up the ante and write a mashup of all of the terrible tropes Sobol uses. Tell a story about what life is like in a world where everyone always brushes their teeth with the same hand they use to tie their shoes.

3. Cyber.kdz - Bruce Balan
Characters: Tereza (Cyber.kdz) Sanjeev (Cyber.kdz)

I love the Cyber.kdz' optimism and commitment to making the Internet a friendly place. The actual internet we live on today is a place that is probably closer to Net Force's vision of it, but I have been blessed from time to time to be a part of communities like the Kids, and I treasure those communities while they last. I particularly love the Tz/Sanj friendship, which is built so much on their appreciation from the way their differences complement each other.

I'd like to see what grown up versions of the Kids look like, and I'd like to see what the Kids look like on our modern internet. How would Tereza cope with Facebook? Would Sanj be involved with bitcoin, or with Anonymous? Becky as a Wikimedian? Paul at PAX? Loren on Minecraft?

4. The Grounding of Group Six - Julian F. Thompson
Characters: Any

My usual request? I would like Trollfic that has nothing to do with the book, but is nice and fluffy and nostalgic. So that people who don't know the fandom will read the story, be charmed, and decide to read the book. But seriously, I'd love anything for this fandom.
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Long Live the Groovy Sixties (2677 words) by seekingferret
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Schooled- Gordon Korman
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Hugh Winkleman, Zach Powers, Capricorn Anderson

There were positive aspects of the '60s, Zach realized.

That's what I wrote for the [community profile] fic_corner exchange for children's fandoms. Gordon Korman's comic novels were an important part of my childhood, though Schooled is a relatively recent work which I read as an adult. The premise of the book is that Capricorn Anderson grew up on a '60s-style hippie commune with no awareness of the outside world of the 2000s, until an injury to his grandmother forced him to suddenly confront life as a teenager in the modern world.

A string of stereotype jokes follows, in which Cap does a bunch of stereotypical 1960s things that shock the students of his new school, until ultimately he wins them over. Basically my brainstorming for this fic was to think of stereotypical 1960s things that Korman hadn't made any jokes about, and I tumbled to marijuana, since Korman virtually never involves sex or drugs in his kid-oriented stories. The thought of Cap in some way exposing the other kids to marijuana struck me as amusing, since Cap embodies a wholesome version of 1960s commune culture without any of the self-destructive behavior that also was a part of it. It also gave me a different window into the coolness vs. dorkiness interrogations that are a fundamental part of Korman's story. Korman suggests that coolness is about social power, amassing it and then wielding it, and the consequences of the shift in that power structure fomented by Cap's appearance is what I was most interested in within a futurefic: how does Cap's return continue the change in power dynamics, and how do those who were most harmed by the shift respond to their delegitimization?

In turn, I received this:

A Tale of the Tape (2477 words) by Missy
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Kid-TV series - Barbara Adams
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Billy Wells/Minnie O'Reilly
Characters: Minnie O'Reilly, Jamie Burns, Billy Wells, Kathy Nelligan, Dave Madison, Principal Balkan, Willow Eichenberry
Additional Tags: High School, First Relationship, Humor, Food Fight, School Dances, Mischief, Miscommunication

Minnie's finally a junior at Wellsburg High! Along with the rest of Kid-TV's original staff, she's still on the air - but will she stay there when she gets blamed for a segment that pits the girls and guys of Wellsburg against each other just in time for the big Valentine's Day dance?

Kid TV is a series of 1980s books about high school kids attempting to run a television station. Hijinks ensue. Oh, so many hijinks ensue. I love it when hijinks ensue.

This story gets the series's madcap sense of humor spot on, particularly in the chocolate fountain finale. It is a delightful story that does a great job of aging up Minnie without ruining her.
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Dear [community profile] fic_corner Author,

Thanks for writing a story for me. I am not a very demanding recipient, since if I were, my demands would be ridiculous and impossible. Have fun, write a story you enjoy, and we'll all be fine. Here's some prompts as suggestions in case you want them, feel free to disregard entirely.

Cyber.kdz - Bruce Balan

Tereza (Cyber.kdz)
Sanjeev (Cyber.kdz)

I love Sanj and Tz's friendship, how Tereza is sort of Sanjeev's better self, and how Tereza admires Sanjeev for his integrity and casual brilliance. But really, there's a lot I love about the Cyber.kdz series and not a lot that I dislike. Fundamentally the series is about tech as this great equalizer of culture and class and credo, as well as about the way the internet was carving out a new culture and the cyber.kdz determination that that new culture play by appropriate rules of openness and respect and fairness- netiquette, in a word.

We live in the world now of wikileaks and Aaron Swartz, of internet gambling and Stuxnet and Anonymous, and Cyber.kdz kind of quietly anticipated all of it, and vowed to work toward a different future anyway, united by the power of friendship.

The Grounding of Group Six - Julian F. Thompson

Ha... This story is great on so many levels. What I would really love, I think, is something super-fluffy and sentimental that we would then point people to and say "I love this story, and you don't need to know canon to get it." And they would read it and have the horribly distorted idea that Grounding is just a book about teenagers who went to private school together. That would make me laugh. Even better, if you come up with some fakeout idea about what 'grounding' is.

But that's mostly me being silly. I would also like non-trolly stories about the characters and their relationships and how they continue to be beautiful and broken together.

Kid-TV series - Barbara Adams

Minnie O'Reilly

I think so much of what makes Minnie interesting in these books is that she is not quite a teenager, which gives her perspective on teenage life a lot of its underlying dramatic irony. I would like to see Minnie as a teenager, struggling with stupid crushes and rivalries with friends and AP bio homework, and still rocking out Kid-TV.

The View from Saturday - E. L. Konigsburg

I am a quiz bowl nerd. If you are, too, I would greatly enjoy a VFS fic that replaced Konigsberg's whimsical version of quiz bowl with something more realistic. The Souls at NAQT! The Souls vs. the Great Auk (Oh man, Noah discovering Great Auk jokes is the best idea I've ever had)! The Souls bomb a TRASH tournament!

If you are not a quiz bowl nerd, just tell me another story about the Souls and the way they support each other against life. I would particularly enjoy a story that plays on the religious backgrounds of the characters.


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