Mar. 17th, 2017 08:18 am
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A note: Dropbox has dropped support for its Public dropbox folder, which is a folder where everything you placed in it got an automatically generated http link. I used this for the past several years for image hosting, on Dreamwidth and on AO3, as well as for hosting a few musical playlists I uploaded to this journal. All of these links are now broken.

I intend to fix all of the AO3 ones, and maybe a few of the significant ones on DW, but if you see a broken link somewhere, please let me know so I can fix it.
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This is your regular reminder to back shit up. I just reinstalled the OS on my desktop last night because it was kernel panicking and refusing to boot. Wheefun.

Mostly everything of importance had been recently backed up, or was kept in my permanently syncing Dropbox folder, with the exception of a couple of recently edited vid files. And I was able to boot into the machine using a live USB Ubuntu installer stick and copy the remainder of unbacked up stuff onto an external drive. So I didn't lose any data, and everything now seems to be running happily. But it was scary- I'm involved in a couple of really involved vid projects at the moment and losing any of them would have meant losing months of work.

EDIT: And then two days later, the same refusal to boot/ kernel panic again. Which means a)There is some colossal bug with an update to Ubuntu 16.10 that nobody on the internet is complaining about or b)I have a hardware problem. Likely candidates: Hard drive, RAM, thermal issues, CPU. Desktop is a several year old refurb I bought last summer that had the RAM poorly seated when it arrived, but after reseating it seemed to be working fine, and I added some brand new RAM of my own at that time. Hard drive is passing Ubuntu's startup disk check, but could still be the culprit, and so I've seized the opportunity to switch to a new SSD anyway. The room the machine is in is not very dusty and the fan is definitely noisily working, so while thermal issues are still possible they don't fully match the symptoms. If CPU is bad, fuck it, I'm tossing the machine.
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Yesterday I acquired Ajax_lesser, my new iPad. I am super pleased that I own two computers named Ajax. I also renamed my iPod Tecmessa after Ajax Telamon's concubine from Sophocles' play Ajax, because see: bad person.

I've started playing with the iPad to see what I can do with it. Amazon Instant Video and Marvel Unlimited apps are superior to the Touchpad web apps, and in general the screen is gorgeous. Stanza is at least comparable to pReader. I miss cards, though. Apple multitasking is wonky and annoying. It especially bothers me that if I switch out of an Amazon video because I got an email alert, it loses my place in the Amazon app. The WebOS card interface was such a great design. At least Safari does tabs. I also think I liked the Touchpad email program better, but I bet there are third party email programs out there I'll like.

And I'm looking forward to dipping into the universe of iPad apps. The app catalog from HP was so sparse that it limited my imagination of what you can do with a tablet. Anybody have recommendations of things they've found cool and/or useful?
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New laptop is named Ajax-greater, half of the fulfillment of a joke I've dreamed of since coming up with the Iliad naming schema. When I get my tablet, whichever kind I chose, I will name it Ajax-lesser. I may, quite possibly, be a terrible human being.

It's a System 76 Pangolin, which came with Ubuntu preinstalled and set up to work nicely. I immediately switched over to KDE, but that wasn't a major hardship. Wireless worked right out of the box, which was probably 20% of my motivation for buying an Ubuntu preinstall. I've never had that happen when buying a major brand and installing Ubuntu myself. Never. There's always a day or so of fiddly tweaking with modprobe commands. And part of me enjoyed that, because I got to pretend to be a 1337 hacker, which I am totally not, but mostly I hated it and am glad I didn't have to do it.

I synched my dropbox to it and borrowed a windows desktop to download my music collection from the Amazon cloud, since they don't support mass downloading to Linux. Yay for the cloud. I've lost some stuff, but nothing so far that I really miss.

And I have now therefore finally started assembling my vid for the [community profile] tightpresent The Sarah Connor Chronicles vid challenge that I signed up for despite all sorts of reservations. I laid the song on the timeline, clipped the annoying outro, and started grabbing video clips. I need a lot of figuring out, still. I think there's really only about five or six images that I know where exactly they need to be in relationship to music and lyrics, and I have vague ideas about the rest. This is not quite the same as vidding in Fringe, where I know 60% of the footage cold.
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My new laptop came yesterday! Anyone want to try to see the Philadelphia Opera Company's Romeo and Juliet this Sunday afternoon?

Still, her voice is gorgeous and her simple, mincing verse gives me chills. I haven't been to any of their shows this season, and I want to rectify that. It's even telling me that it's receiving and transmitting data, but I can't connect to my network. Damnit, the wireless should be working.

Then I'm going to shuffle them up sentence by sentence because I'm crazy. The joyful multilingual songs of the first album were a large part of the appeal. I'm not really a fan of it as a story, but I think it's been a stunningly deep well of musical inspiration over the centuries. I'm really pleased with it, it really seems to be everything I want, but installing Linux has been kind of hassly.

Also yesterday the new Yael Naim album arrived from France via Amazon. Listened to it this morning on the car ride. I'm going to write a series of miniposts because I have many things to say. But I'm disappointed she doesn't sing in French or Hebrew. I like much of it, and several songs really stand out.


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