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Title: Feasting and Dancing (The Disney Princesses Remix
Fandom: Star Wars
Vidder: seekingferret
Song: "This Year" by the Mountain Goats
Content Notes: Canonical Major Character Death, Violence, Child Abuse
Length: 3:39
Responsible for the lack of consistent title block from vid to vid: seekingferret
Summary The Leia version of this vid
Created For: [personal profile] niyalune
Thanks to: [personal profile] echan for betaing!
Originally posted: Here to AO3

sending love

Date: 2017-08-10 02:22 pm (UTC)
littlecatk: mad max fury road: capable turned away/faceless (faceless)
From: [personal profile] littlecatk
its interesting seeing you remixing your own work!
i enjoyed the orginal a bit more through this one was good too, i think the main thing for me was how Luke has this story of "breaking free" that your video managed to capture alongside the horros of the war (the people around him dying) - but it still feels - more uprising defiant (teenager-like maybe) while Leia is introduced in this - winning for the rebellion (the plans escape) but personal captured. - like luke beings with failing, has him taking this deep breath that we know will be followed by the win - and then everyone around him dying - but flying is this easily read methapor for freedom (there is an asofterworld coming "a methapor not a fantasy" about flying that i use as a short hand for this confusion of being free and running away - which seems fitting here too, with how you spoke about the bit of self mocking in the song)
but still she is so young and its mostly shown in her relationship with han (her anger, born out of fear and worry) and luke (the few softness she allows herself) "i played video games in a drunken haze/hurt my knuckles punching the machines" because it mix her very competent leadership with all the looks she throws to han and how she even runs after him (hiding of cause behind the mask of it being for the rebellion) and the next two lines for luke in a different way of being free "the taste of scotch rich on my tonuge" her using the force/staring out where Luke is missing, and her kissing him (to shut up Han) - i really love that part
(also i love how Han is the girl named Kathy in both videos!!)
its a shame how the orginal movies do not give us much/any closure (or visual parallels) for Leia and DarthVader. because she has a lot of similarities if you use the prequels. (for the "picture the look on my stepfathers face")
i think the ending with the new movie is an interesting choice.
(sorry for this rambling, that probaly doesnt make much sense) but anyway thanks for making and sharing this video!


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